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Christina + Vova // You’re My Whole World

On Saturday, June 8th, we had the privilege of documenting the wedding day of two of our friends: Christina and Vova. We met the couple years ago at our mutual friend’s bbq (the best man, Eric) right around the time when they first started dating. And five years later, we shared in the celebration of their marriage. And what a day it was…

While Andrew covered groom preps at Vova’s house, I documented the bride preps at Christina’s, and the day definitely didn’t start the way you’d expect. As you learned in the video above, Christina’s dress really wasn’t in a co-operating mood. There was a black stain that stuck out like a sore thumb right in the middle of the right-side ribcage area which Christina (hair and make-up halfway done), painted with layer after layer of white nail polish; and then, after putting on the dress, realized that the delicate and beautiful lace had torn at her shoulder. Christina’s bridesmaids and mother frantically sewed together as she stood there hoping for the best!

The Thursday before their big day, I attended the rehearsal as I always do to be best acquainted with the space, and to speak with the priest to understand what he’s cool with in terms of shooting proximity, forbidden areas, and general etiquette that I should abide by. He was really cool and asked only that we stay at least 3 feet back. It was also at the rehearsal, that I discovered that Vova’s grandmother had unfortunately been hospitalized. Relieved I was though, to find out that she was, by all accounts, fine.

Plans changed again though, and what seemed like a detour turned out to be such an awesome experience: seeing the couple and their bridal party pull up to the hospital in the limo, stroll through the lobby to the elevator all decked out looking awesome, and quietly making their way to Vova’s grandmother’s room to snap pictures with her. She was so happy, but what was awesome, was how visibly happy the couple and the entire wedding party were to be a part of sharing their special day with someone who couldn’t make it.

It was a beautiful wedding, and the reception was awesome. We had our own little hitch, where the event venue liaison I had spoken to weeks before informed me that their mixing board would have ample available XLR ports for me to capture pure clean audio. When I arrived, I discovered that they mixed up the term ‘XLR’ with the term ‘RCA’. No worries though; hacked a wired lav and gaff-taped it to the podium mic and tracked the wire down the mic stand, and into a ZOOM H1, which was gaff-taped to the base of the mic-stand. One of the most awesome things at the reception was on the head table… canal-bowls spelling ‘LOVE’ with macarons in them… it took everything I had to not eat every single one of them on sight:

This film was shot with two Canon EOS 60D’s looking through a Tokina 11-16mm F2.8, Sigma 35mm F1.4, a Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L, and a Canon 135mm F2.0L, supported on a Manfrotto BHDV561-1 Video Monopod, and a Glidecam HD2000. Sound was yanked in using a pair of Rode VideoMic Pros, and a Sony ECM wired lav plugged into a ZOOM H1 and anchored to Vova during the ceremony with a Rycote Undercover, and hacked to sit with the podium mic at the reception (since the venue accidentally used a different mixing board as the one we were told they’d be using). Post and grading were performed entirely on FCPx.┬áThe soundtrack is the instrumental version of ‘Shadows in the Moonlight’, by Josh Woodward; used with permission via cc.

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