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Skillz-O-Meter 3 Trailer

You might remember we shared a battle earlier in our blog soon after the Skillz-O-Meter 3 jam we covered back in May 2013. It was such a privilege to be given the opportunity to shoot for Strife.TV and we can’t wait to do it again!

Strife’s channel is one of, if not the best and most comprehensive outlets for sharing the BBoy/Bgirl culture, covering events worldwide, interviewing dancers, and engaging with the incredibly diverse and massive international street dance community.

With a pretty large team of dedicated videographers and cinematographers situated on pretty well every continent, uploading is scheduled to give every event a full day of limelight!

The priority back in May, was to upload some of the key battles from the annual 1-on-1 event, which had dancers from all over Canada, the U.S.A., and Europe in attendance.

After various events in the states, Asia, and Europe since then, we’ve only just been able to have a free upload date to share the trailer for Skillz-O-Meter 3!

If you’re into real Hip Hop culture and the BBoy/Bgirl scene, and are interested in some international history on the dance, check this out!