Film; Both Bold and Full of Flavor

Fancy Face Inc.

We met Brittany Gray while filming the prep portion for a bridal shower and immediately recognized the incredible difference in the way Brittany does make-up compared to the countless artists we’ve seen and worked with. The attention to detail speaks to her knowledge, technique, and experience, while the atmosphere was just so light-hearted and fun, yet luxurious and undeniably professional. We were fascinated to discover that Brittany, in just 7 short years, has scaled FancyFaceInc into one of the most in-demand high end make-up and hair boutique services in Toronto with a team of over twenty artists who pass Brittany’s stringent standards. After we rolled out the bridal shower highlight video, Brittany and our team got in touch and out came the idea for this piece, to share an intimate and raw look of this accomplished artist and business owner.

Client: Fancy Face Inc.
Tags: Hair, Make-up, Movies, Television, Toronto, Weddings